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About us

Rak advocates  and legal consultants is a legal office authorized to render legal services in UAE .

Rak Advocates and legal consultants provides it’s services to the clients according to the highest local and global standards and according to our basic vision and values .

The members of our offices team are leader in their legal specialty field .

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UAE - RAS AL KAHIMAH Cornich alqawasim NS Tower ( General Building ) 

Floor 2 - Flat 201


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RAK Advocates law firm

Chairman Word

When my ideal, May Allah keeps him safe, says that the goal is clear, road is flattened and time is due, there is no doubt as there many talk but we achieve. Human has two choices either to be dependent or initiative. We desire to be initiatives and advanced, we will not repeat what was said by the others that we are specialists in all fields of law. As our parents make us well-educated and promote certainty about that law has no restricted mold but relates to the lifeblood. Today, we start from the ending point of others whereas under the rapid clockwise, we will not accept but to keep pace with the age and the huge development. In every second, we are keen on serving all excellent legal services in all branches for individuals, firms and governmental and quasi-governmental entities accurately, in record time and with high quality so that no one can compete us. This not ego but we trust in our skills and legal capabilities available

at our hands with the testimony of whoever deals with us for long years. Yes, we are professionalism, certainty, accuracy, secrecy, honestly, success and excellence. I did not find what I conclude my speech by better than praise be to Allah and all thanks and appreciation for our leaders and to each individual in this establishment due to their significant imprint. iam proud to reach this degree (no competitors) and why not? Our vice president says that  we will not accept anything but the first place number 1.


Salem Al Kait