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UAE Personal Status Law

The best personal status lawyer in the UAE

Getting the best personal status lawyer in the Emirates is something you can get. We, at Ras Al Khaimah Law Firm, are working to provide our legal services in the field of personal status, which includes a set of issues that we study fully and then we provide legal solutions that are commensurate with them. In its various fields, except for those related to family laws, marriage, divorce, alimony, custody and marital property.

Are you looking for a personal status lawyer in the UAE?

We are in an office that Ras Al Khaimah Advocates and Legal Consultants can provide the best personal status lawyer in the Emirates in order to provide legal support in cases related to the family and children, which include a group of issues related to it, as follows:

  • Marriage issues

  • Divorce issues

  • Alimony issues

  • inheritance issues

  • Custody issues

  • Issues related to property between spouses

  • Will issues

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Duties of a personal status lawyer

Drafting marriage contracts

We provide you at the Ras Al Khaimah Law Firm with a lawyer in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah who can document the marriage contract and facilitate all the legal steps in that, starting with preparing the necessary papers and all examinations and statements related to the marriage contract in Dubai, where our lawyers direct you to all the steps that must be available to complete the contract in the legal form. And proper

Divorce lawyer

We are fully aware that divorce cases are complex issues in which the spouses are forced to separate, which makes us in constant confrontation with these issues that require a divorce lawyer in Dubai, in order to work to facilitate all necessary legal procedures in a way that guarantees the two parties their rights,

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