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As we are a licensed law firm in (Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Ras Al Khaimah - Fujairah - Ajman - Sharjah - Umm Al Quwain - Al Ain) and we have sufficient experience to work in all cases related to individuals and companies at the level of all emirates of the state - including, for example: -

Criminal Cases :

The criminal law  of the United Arab Emirates is a federal law, and part of its principles are derived from the provisions of Islamic law. Our office includes a team of licensed lawyers who represent the client accused of federal crimes within the United Arab Emirates.

Our lawyers are trained to deal with criminal cases from the beginning of police questioning, through investigations of the public prosecution and criminal courts. They apply for bail of the accused and submit warrants, defense and defense in relation to all criminal cases.

Commercial Lawsuits

We provide wide-ranging legal services in all branches of commercial law, including sales, purchase, import and export contracts, transport and brokerage, and insurance laws and regulations. We provide investors with businessmen services, which include clearing all procedures for establishing companies of all kinds, preparing feasibility studies and Risk assessment .

Rak advocats has long experience in banking cases and cases against financial institutions

Civil Lawsuits & Claims for Compensation :

Our office provides the service of compensation claims for its clients through the settlement of compensation claims via direct negotiation, Magistrate or Courts and it has a great experience in the this field

Personal Status Cases

Personal Status Cases

Our office provides the legal advice and service of filling all claims relating to the personal status ,

for example :

Divorce lawsuits

The divorce lawsuits

Alimony lawsuits

Custody lawsuits

Lawsuits, paternity suits, etc

Rent Claims :

The office has varied experience in the field of Tenancies Act, whether the service is eviction, increasing the rent value and any disputes arising from the lease contracts for individual clients, tenants or lessors and for Real Estate Companies.

Attempting to resolve the dispute amicably by proceeding with the settlement procedures. Sending legal notices before opening a lawsuit or establishing a real estate case

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