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Corporate | Commercial Law

Corporate | Commercial Law

In this world of fierce competition, negotiation is one of the golden keys in acquiring a financial benefit from any business deal. Let to be a merger, partnership, franchising, acquisition or contracts of distribution our firm offers you complete supports and legal guidance to get through with the deal.

Our group of expert commercial lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates in UAE provides legal counsel to clients that belong to small and medium enterprises to multinational companies, family groups & all forms of various business sectors. Our group of lawyers has an in-depth knowledge of commercial and co-operate laws which would help in structuring different organizations and companies that would be beneficial for the organizations in a multitude of ways. 

Corporate Lawyers in Dubai & UAE

Our corporate lawyers in Dubai provide the clients with legal guidance on both commercial and corporate matters of law that are relative to the companies functioning in UAE and international companies functioning in UAE during any stage of development and affiliation. We have dealt with cases that are both national and international which add uniqueness to our professional works. Our experts aim at maintaining a sharp commercial focus on different corporate matters in control and combine it with the in-depth local knowledge so as to offer a practical legal solution. 

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Sectors of Industry We Cover

Our professionals cover the following sectors of industry:

•      Banking & financial banking

•      Building & property expansion

•      Re-Insurance & insurance sector

•      Tourism & hospitality

•      Healthcare & energy Sector

•      Information technology & telecommunications

We guide our clients on a number of aspects which mainly include joint venture, diplomatic alliances and any other mode of business relationships. We also help our clients with matters like negotiate settlements, bankruptcy, restructuring compromises, liquidation, and such.

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Corporate Services We Offer

Some of the corporate services that we offer include

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Commercial Assistance We Offer

Some of the commercial assistance we provide includes:

•      Free-zone business & business setup

•      Shareholder & financial agreements

•      Commercial terms & conditions

•      Risk control & policy preparation

•      License, distributor & distribution agreement

•      Protection & registration of licenses 

•      Intellectual assets rights

Our commercial and corporate lawyers in Dubai offer the clients with commercial and cooperative legal services, support and advice on all legal aspects of foreign business transactions of UAE while serving as their adviser. Our law firm in Dubai advises and informs the clients of the complexities of developing or establishing a business in different jurisdictions and the judicial consequences of all the external issues that are involved in the process. Each member of our legal team, of corporate and commercial lawyers aims to learn more of the requirements of businesses of our clients so as to increase the value in all possible areas thereby ensuring growth and success.

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