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Employment | Labour Law

Every type or category of business faces Labour and Employment law. Starting from the retail sector to the manufacturing sectors the variation of labours in the UAE is very unique that they need special care and attention. The UAE labour law offers the employees with a set of terms for the security of labour rights to which every employer must stick to while managing the everyday functioning of the company.


Why Choose Us ?

Our team of labour lawyers in Dubai has in-depth knowledge and a great experience working in the UAE labour law, which includes guiding both international and local clients on complex matters of employment and labour.  We also help different corporates and companies with their labour issues by assisting them with the different rights of the employees within the workspace and on illegal and unfair termination cases. We have served many medium and small local companies to manage and monitor their human resource policies thereby ensuring that all the internal policies are set in accordance with the labour and employment laws of UAE.

Issues We Advise On

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How would you know if it is Employee contract termination?

Our labour lawyers in Dubai, also guides that large multinational companies and corporations to solve issues that could eventually damage the reputation of the firm. The employment market is complex and with the introduction of new technologies and ideas this complexity increases. Due to such development of new technologies and ideas, business tactics like outsourcing, freelancing & more have gained popularity which decreases the cost of business but on the other hand, comes with strict legal consequences that have to be dealt with care on the basis of international laws and codes of ethics. Our employment lawyers in Dubai offer the best services in dealing with deployment and labour conflicts by building a better relationship between your employees and consumers.  

Our professional experts offer our clients with the best service in overcoming legal disputes in matters of Labour and employment in the best cost-effective ways. Over the past many years, we have concluded to the fact that pre-emption is one of the best methods to cure the legal disputes as it helps in preventing the conflicts to rise during its initial phase. Our team of labour lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is one of the best legal professionals in UAE who can help you with all your Labour & Employment Disputes.

Our employment and labour lawyers in Dubai have successfully helped a number of individuals and corporate companies with their judicial needs that concern the Employment and labour matters by providing an output-oriented legal service. With better knowledge and experience of employment and labour law in UAE, our law firm in Dubai promises to offer you the desired outcome of labour dispute and matters.

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