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Insurance Law In UAE | Insurance lawyer in RAK

The terms and rules of the insurance law keep changing depending upon each category of insurance like that of insurance for injury, insurance for car accidents, and insurance for liability, insurance for property and work-related accidents. The rules that comprise vary from one another. Our law firm has well-experienced insurance lawyers in Dubai who can help the clients to successfully claim their policy from any insurance company.


Insurance Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi


Our law firm in Dubai functions in a completely professional manner and attends all the almost all the matters of the insurance industry in the Middle East which includes local and foreign insurers, third-party managers, brokers & reinsurers. We also provide guidance on every category of insurance security and claims to business corporates in various industrial categories. In addition, we have lent our helping hands in setting up various insurance businesses in the locale which ranges from small specialists to large multinationals by means of different joint ventures, and even reinsurance. 

Our Expertise

Our experience on legal services in insurance industries includes:

• Exhibition in subrogated and regular claims.

• Guiding some of the largest insurance companies in the world on various rules related to international insurers, requirements of health insurance, endowment & licensing in the region. 

• Offering support and guidance in establishing strong insurance businesses in different region and additional consultation on public and product liabilities, requirements for health insurance, compensations for workers & professional indemnity. 

• Advertising, amending & reviewing Takaful policies on the basis of different categories of insurances like family plans, medical groups & professional organizations.

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• Advertising and guiding some of the top airline companies on the various claims and requirements of insurance, personal and industrial harm claims, and guidance for subrogation requests by insurers. 

• Negotiating contracts and representation in different litigation and arbitration matters.

Freight Insurance

• Offering guidance on different insurances based on financial services and review of policies for a number of major banks in the Middle East.

• Guiding international reinsurers on litigation representation, negotiation agreements & insurance claims. 

• The general guidance for different multinational organizations and companies like manufacturers, hospitals, banks, airlines, retailers and shipping companies in relation to different insurance policies including health, life, financial institutions, professional indemnity, product & public liability, property, property damaged, employment and construction insurance, personal injury through professional negligence, employment liabilities and computer cr


Our legal team of well-qualified insurance lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other emirates in the UAE provides the clients with delicate legs guidance in any matter related insurance. Our insurance lawyers conduct a deep and strategic study of our client needs that helps us come out with the best legal solutions that would offer you the most prominent outcome. In addition, we focus on providing the clients with a high level of standard services that would prove satisfactory. Our expert knowledge and in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, our legal team is one of the best firms to approach so as to deal with delicate matters that are related to the insurance cases in the United Arab Emirates. 


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