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Criminal Law in United Arab Emirates

The criminal law in the United Arab Emirates is much more complex as it contains terms and rules that are drawn from the Islamic Sharia Law, thus it is very important for the Criminal lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other emirates in UAE to have an in-depth knowledge of the provisions of Islamic Sharia Law song with the law points of the International Criminal Law system so as to deal with crimes under the UAE Criminal Law system. The United Arab Emirates Criminal Law reaches every area of crime from Drinking to Forgery and more.  

Our advocates & legal consultants in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi or any other emirates in UAE serve the clients in the police station, Court of Appeal, Public Prosecution, Court of Cassation, Court of First Instance & Federal Supreme Court. In addition, the services that our law firm offers are extended to the entire client's whether they are accused or victimized. By utilizing the high professional skill, our criminal lawyers will help the clients with assistance from Legal Service to Legal Advice. More importantly, our legal officials are well committed to criminal defence in Dubai and other emirates in UAE. Our criminal lawyers in Dubai make uses of the most recent technologies, research methods, way of investigation & scientific technologies that allow us to be prepared for a quick response to an immediate crisis. Need expert legal advice, please call us now 

Crime Categories We Assist

Our law firm in Dubai is proficient in a wide category of crimes, some of which includes: 

Cyber Crimes:

The cyber law of UAE is one of the most extensive in the whole world and covers a wide range of crimes like banking frauds, stealing identity or data, hacking, credit card frauds and more. Depending on the intensity of the crime, one's punishment could vary from fine to imprisonment.

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai are always well updated on the technical progress of cybercrime law which makes us the perfect choice.  

Crime Scene Tape

Drug Crimes: The laws related to drugs are very strict in the UAE, a small trace of the drug can even lead to imprisonment for 4 years or more. Our firm has a professional Drug Case lawyer in Dubai who offers extensive representation to clients all around emirates for Drug Cases like possession, consumption, trafficking & transportation of drugs.  

Alcohol Crimes: Our law firm in Dubai have handled various alcohol crimes like drink& drive cases; It is highly necessary to have a fitting license or sanction to consume alcohol. In the UAE, even with a license, drinking in public is a crime. Our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi or any other emirates in UAE are well experienced in handling alcohol crimes like drink and drive to which they have received favourable results

Other Crimes: Criminal law in the UAE does not just deal with cyber, drug & alcohol crimes. There is a wide verity of other cases that come under the criminal law in Emirates like, financial crime including fraud cases; violent crimes; theft crimes; sexual crimes; juvenile crimes and more. Our criminal lawyers in Dubai with their in-depth knowledge and experience intent to offer the client with a possible outcome.

Our law firm in Dubai, approach each crime with highly skilled and experienced criminal lawyers who let us address the particular need of the client with creative and most appropriate solution. More importantly, we hold the wisdom and knowledge to step up to any legal challenge.  Need expert legal advice, please call us now 


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