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سواء كنت مستثمرا محتملا او كنت احد الشخصيات العاملة في المجال التجاري ، فإننا في مكتب رأس الخيمة للمحاماة مستعدون لإن نعمل على تقديم الدعم الكامل لكافة القضايا والمعاملات التجارية القانونية لك ، عبر افضل محامي تجاري في الإمارات ، والذي يمتلكون المهارات الكبيرة في كافة القوانين التجارية والعقود التجارية ، هذه القوانين التجارية التجارية مهمة للسوق المحلي ، إضافة إلى تنظيم ودراسة العقود التجارية فيما يتعلق بالأنظمة واللوائح ذات الصلة ،

We, at the Ras Al Khaimah Law Firm, fully realize that our core competencies are based on providing advice and legal work with high professionalism to a number of major companies in the United Arab Emirates. We are very keen to always achieve the satisfaction of our clients in various tasks related to corporate law, which include mergers. Acquisitions, Acquisitions, De-mergers and their Applicability to Cross-Border Jurisdictions, Maritime Matters, Finance Leasing, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Employment Matters, Lease Laws, etc.

We are fully confident that we are able to develop integrated perceptions about the mechanisms of litigation, compliance and merger of companies in the United Arab Emirates, as we work to provide legal opinions in the field of the tax system, intellectual property issues, breach of confidentiality and non-competition, whether those opinions are oral or written as required by the requirements. The work or those that work to be regulated by the UAE labor laws and regulations, which requires the assistance of corporate lawyers in the Emirates who are able to achieve all goals and strategies.

Bankruptcy cases - corporate lawyer in the UAE

Seeking the help of a corporate lawyer in the UAE can work to facilitate legal procedures in which companies are usually unable to pay their debts, as they are declared bankrupt, as this matter may reduce litigation issues before investors, which requires companies to know all options to save the company and provide legal protection for it from During the preparation of documents and legal papers for bankruptcy,

That is why we work in the Ras Al Khaimah Law Firm to help all companies and individuals by presenting our integrated legal vision in this regard, except in assuming the tasks of all legal operations related to bankruptcy cases or working to provide legal assistance to avoid bankruptcy in accordance with the UAE Companies Law,

محامي قضايا شركات في الامارات

Commercial Law - The best commercial lawyer in the UAE

Don't feel alone in your personal or corporate business issues. The best commercial lawyer in the Emirates with you. We are available to work with solutions to claims, disputes and other problems, as well as in all your business transactions that you want to legalize. We recognize the problems, invent solutions and comprehend them, then we achieve your goals directly.

Roles and duties of a corporate lawyer

  • Representing companies before the commercial courts and the courts of Dubai and the Emirates

  • Providing legal advice and support to individuals and companies by an experienced business lawyer in Dubai and the UAE.

  • Market strategy plans for long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

  • Drafting and approving legal commercial contracts.

  • Preparation of investment structures and negotiations.

  • Business resolution and commercial judicial disputes.

  • Restructuring and establishing companies.

  • Preparing work regulations and systems

  • Investigating cases and violations that may occur in companies in order to reach the causes leading to them.

  • Developing the company's legal procedures in line with the new updates in corporate laws

  • Providing legal advice for all events and decisions taken by companies

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