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Best Family Lawyer in Dubai and UAE | Rak Advocates

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A family lawyer in Dubai and the broader UAE is an indispensable legal professional for all citizens and residents. The cases handled by family lawyers in Dubai pertain to critical life issues that impact individuals across the board. Recognizing the universal importance of this legal support, Rak Advocates' office offers access to a carefully curated team of the finest family lawyers in Dubai and the Emirates.

In this article, we will delve into the primary cases managed by our family lawyers in Dubai at our office. It is crucial to comprehend the role of a family lawyer in Dubai and the UAE, and we will thoroughly explore the diverse areas and issues encompassed by their practice. The subsequent lines aim to provide insight into the extensive scope of a family lawyer's responsibilities.

The Role of a Family Lawyer in Marriage in Dubai and the UAE

Numerous people, whether they are Emiratis or residents in the UAE, frequently express interest in the details of marriage legislation in Dubai. This curiosity encompasses a desire to comprehend the steps involved in completing marriage procedures within the city. In response to these inquiries, our office provides access to experienced family lawyers in Dubai and the UAE who offer thorough assistance. They will clarify all relevant aspects concerning marriage law in Dubai, offering insights into engagement, dowry considerations, the criteria for a valid marriage, the key components of the marriage contract, and support in drafting your marriage agreement.

Furthermore, our family lawyer in Dubai and the UAE will guide you through the documentation procedures for your marriage contract. Additionally, they will provide a comprehensive explanation of alimony under Dubai Marriage Law, outlining the rights and duties of both spouses. This ensures that you commence your marital journey equipped with the accurate knowledge and understanding of the legal aspects involved.

2- Divorce and the importance of a family lawyer in Dubai

Divorce proceedings necessitate the expertise of a family lawyer in Dubai. The intricacies of divorce law in Dubai involve various details. Individuals often seek answers to questions about the required divorce procedures, the different types of divorce, and the distinctions between them. These inquiries are particularly relevant to Dubai residents or those subject to the divorce laws in the emirate.

Hence, a family lawyer in Dubai, readily available through our office, Rak Advocates, is here to guide you through crucial procedures and address any questions you may have. Our team of legal advisors is well-equipped to elucidate the grounds for marriage annulment or spousal separation, outline various divorce types, and recommend the most suitable approach for your situation. In the subsequent section, we will provide a brief overview of the types of divorces that our specialized family lawyer in Dubai can assist you with..

What are the types of divorce in Dubai? What is the role of a family lawyer in Dubai?

Dubai Personal Status Law defines the types of divorce in two basic types: revocable divorce and irrevocable divorce. The difference between them is:

1- Revocable divorce does not terminate the marriage contract except with the expiry of the waiting period. The Dubai Divorce Law stipulates that every divorce is revocable, except for the three-complementary divorce, divorce before consummation, and what is stipulated in the text of its rulings.

2- An irrevocable divorce terminates the marriage contract when it occurs, and it is of two types:

An irrevocable divorce comes in two forms: minor Baynunah and major recompense.

  1. Minor Baynunah Divorce: Following this type of divorce, a woman is not allowed to remarry her former spouse unless a new marriage contract is established along with a new dowry.

  2. Major Recompense Divorce: In this case, a divorced woman cannot remarry her former spouse until her waiting period expires, and she enters into a valid marriage with another husband. The waiting period is an essential timeframe in which the divorced woman must wait before contracting a new marriage.

3- Do you need a family lawyer in Dubai upon divorce? Find out the answer

Khul’ is a significant area of expertise for family lawyers in Dubai and the UAE. According to Dubai Divorce Law, khul’ is defined as a contractual agreement between spouses to terminate the marriage in exchange for compensation or an allowance, often referred to as the khul’ allowance. It is accurate to designate this allowance as a form of dowry, but it is not permissible to agree to forfeit alimony or custody of children in the process.

In the event that the substitution is not valid in a khul’, the divorce occurs, and the husband becomes entitled to the dowry. Validity of the allowance in khul’ hinges on the capacity of the party providing it and the husband's capacity to effectuate the divorce. In essence, khul’ represents the dissolution of the marriage contract.

Hence, the family lawyer in Dubai will undertake all essential legal procedures to conclude the divorce case. Additionally, the attorney offered by Rak Advocates ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance and advice necessary for navigating your divorce, whether in Dubai or elsewhere in the Emirates.

Family Lawyer in Dubai

Based on the foregoing, the office of Rak Advocates works to solve all cases related to the family and children, as a different group of cases falls under the name of personal status cases or family cases, which in turn require a personal status lawyer. Among these issues we find:

  • Marriage issues

  • divorce

  • alimony

  • Alimony without divorce

  • Inheritance

  • Legal Capacity and Jurisdiction

  • Issues related to property between spouses

  • Christian marriage contracts

The office provides you with 24-hour customer service, during which you can communicate with a qualified group of specialized personal status lawyers, who have more than 20 years of experience in the courts, as they pleaded in many family cases and achieved many successes for clients.

Also, the office of Rak Advocates is open throughout the week and is ready to receive you throughout the day, so that a specialized legal advisor is waiting for you.

You can also find a family law attorney at Our office so that we can provide you with the required legal support and advice. And if you are looking for a lawyer for child custody and child care cases, we offer you a personal status lawyer who specializes in resolving disputes facing such matters.

We also provide you with a legal agent for personal status and family issues in Dubai, who works with you to resolve disputes related to inheritance and wills, while providing the necessary papers for this and taking all required procedures.

Are you looking for a lawyer in Dubai who specializes in labor and labor issues?

In addition to personal status issues; Rak Advocates provides a group of the most skilled lawyers specialized in labor and labor cases, as they have long experience in this type of cases. Among these types of cases, we mention, for example:

  • Work contract and wages

  • Types of work contracts

  • Official working hours

  • Expiry of the employment contract

  • Loan

  • Warranty

  • Workers’ safety and care

  • Exposure to work injuries

  • Vacation system in Dubai

In addition to the various legal procedures related to the establishment or incorporation of companies and everything related to corporate law, trademark registration, and trademark licensing.

You can also rely on Rak Advocates for any type of legal issues such as sales and purchase contracts, consumer protection, copyright, insurance contracts, cybercrime, and traffic law.

How are family lawyer fees determined in Dubai?

We must first point out that the prices of lawyers in Dubai vary according to the nature of the legal case that the lawyer is assigned to, in addition to what is required by the procedures of each case and the mechanism for its completion. The fees of a lawyer in Dubai also vary according to the lawyer’s background, knowledge, specialization in the field of law, and accumulated experiences and expertise during his practice of the legal profession.

Therefore, determining the price of the case, and approving the value of the fees of a lawyer in Dubai, is according to a set of different factors, which are related to the case itself on the one hand, and the specialization involved in the procedures of this case and its ramifications on the other hand.

We also cannot overlook the time and effort each case takes, as well as the costs involved in completing all case transactions.

Family lawyer in Dubai… Various services

Rak Advocates offers round-the-clock customer service, providing you the opportunity to engage with multiple lawyers in Dubai, or lawyers in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Each lawyer boasts over 20 years of courtroom experience, having successfully represented clients in diverse cases. The office of Rak Advocates remains open seven days a week, welcoming you throughout the day, where a dedicated legal advisor is readily available to assist you.

You can also find a family lawyer or a lawyer who specializes in any type of different labor issue through our office so that we provide you with the required legal support and advice. And if you are looking for a lawyer for any kind of case and jurisdiction in Dubai or in UAE, you can reach him easily through our office.

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