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Best Labour Lawyer in Dubai - Rak Advocates

The significant advancements in public affairs, coupled with the global economic prosperity and thriving trade, have given rise to a complex and multi-faceted business environment. In the UAE, particularly in the dynamic economic landscape of Dubai, this growth has attracted diverse nationalities, businessmen, and investors. In light of this, the demand for high-level professionalism in matters related to labor and workers' law has become essential.

Recognizing the diverse legal tasks associated with this economic momentum, Rak Advocates have positioned themselves as leaders in providing clear legal guidance. Their expertise lies in offering legal advice on various aspects of labor law, addressing the multitude of issues that characterize the dynamic landscape of labor relations and transactions.

Lawyers for unfair dismissals in Dubai and the UAE work at Rak Advocates, to represent employees and workers in cases of unfair dismissal and unlawful termination by employers, as our lawyers take their cases before the UAE courts as well as the courts of Dubai International Financial Center, to claim compensation They are entitled to the right and pay the damages on their behalf, in accordance with the legal texts and provisions that guarantee them that right. Among those claims are the following:

  • Claiming unpaid wages

  • Claim rewards and pay instead of notification

  • Payment of untaken leave allowance

  • Additional compensation for unfair dismissal

  • repatriation expenses.

  • Claims of discrimination and harassment at work.

  • Enforcement and Appeal of Employment Contracts

Legal Advice in the Field of Employment The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE

We work in the Rak advocates to provide all legal advice to all companies and human resource managers on issues related to employment and work procedures, in accordance with the legal nature of the United Arab Emirates as well as the Dubai International Financial Center courts, and at the same time we are working to achieve the development of policies related to the company and its formulation in accordance with the aspects The relevant law, in addition to the policies related to the code of conduct and the rules of professional work, including the policies of safety, security, environment and work ethics.

and services related to this aspect

Drafting employment contracts requires the expertise of top labor lawyers in the UAE. Crafting comprehensive and legally sound work agreements is crucial to establishing clear and fair terms between employers and employees. The Best Labor Lawyers in the UAE, such as those at Saar Law Firm, specialize in creating contracts that adhere to relevant labor laws, ensuring protection for both employers and employees.

Key elements addressed in work contracts drafted by top labor lawyers include:

  1. Job Responsibilities: Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the employee.

  2. Terms of Employment: Outlining the duration of employment, whether it's a fixed-term or indefinite contract.

  3. Compensation and Benefits: Detailing salary, bonuses, benefits, and any other forms of compensation.

  4. Working Hours: Specifying regular working hours, overtime policies, and any flexibility in work schedules.

  5. Leave and Holidays: Outlining entitlements to annual leave, public holidays, and other types of leave.

  6. Termination Procedures: Defining the conditions and procedures for termination, including notice periods.

  7. Confidentiality and Non-Compete Clauses: Including provisions to protect sensitive information and prevent competition.

  8. Dispute Resolution: Establishing mechanisms for resolving disputes between employers and employees.

By engaging the services of The Best Labor Lawyers in the UAE, businesses can ensure that their employment contracts are legally robust, fostering positive employer-employee relationships while complying with applicable labor laws.

Our firm specializes in drafting comprehensive labor contracts that align with the provisions of UAE labor law while accommodating the unique nature of businesses and the specific requirements of the contracting entities. We meticulously include all necessary clauses, delineating the rights and duties associated with labor contracts and outlining the mechanisms for their implementation.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to the development of internal regulations and policies, ensuring full compliance with UAE labor laws. These internal regulations serve as vital documents that guide the conduct of employees within the company, covering various aspects such as working hours, leave policies, code of conduct, and dispute resolution procedures.

By tailoring our drafting services to the individual needs of our clients and staying abreast of the latest developments in UAE labor laws, we strive to provide legal solutions that foster harmonious employer-employee relationships and uphold the rights and obligations of both parties.

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