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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Numerous individuals seek the services of a business or commercial lawyer in Dubai, the UAE, or Abu Dhabi to oversee the legal aspects of their companies or commercial ventures. This includes managing legal procedures related to company operations and projects, as well as seeking valuable legal advice within the realm of commerce.

Individuals requiring a business lawyer in Dubai for commercial cases include not only merchants but also business owners engaged in various activities, regardless of whether they formally hold the title of a trader. This encompasses a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking legal guidance and representation.

Dealing with a business lawyer Dubai or in the UAE is a must for all traders, business owners, and other people who need to hire a business lawyer Dubai.

In the realm of commercial activities where the expertise of a business lawyer in Dubai may be essential, consider the following:

  1. Acts Related to Trade:

    • Actions carried out by merchants in matters related to their trade, presumed to be trade-related unless proven otherwise.

  2. Speculative Acts for Profit:

    • Speculative acts undertaken by individuals, with the intent to make a profit, even if they are not officially designated as traders.

  3. Law-Stipulated Commercial Businesses:

    • Businesses mandated by law to be considered as commercial operations.

  4. Businesses Facilitating Commerce:

    • Businesses directly or indirectly associated with or facilitating other commercial activities.

As for specific instances where the guidance of a business lawyer in Dubai might be crucial, consider the following single businesses:

Buying and Selling of Goods:

  • Purchasing goods with the intent to sell them for profit, whether in their original form or after transformation or manufacturing.

  • Renting Goods:

  • Buying or renting goods with the intention of leasing them out.

Financial Operations:

  • Operations of banks, money changers, stock markets, investment companies, trust funds, and all other financial intermediation activities.

Commercial Papers Transactions:

  • Transactions involving commercial papers, regardless of the capacity of those involved or the nature of the operations for which they were established.

  • Marine and Air Navigation:

  • All activities related to marine and air navigation, including construction, sale, purchase, leasing, repairing, maintaining ships and aircraft, sea and air transport, equipment sales, loading and unloading, marine and air loans, contracts for captain and navigator use.

Company Incorporation:

  • The establishment and incorporation of companies.

  • Current Account Operations:

  • Transactions related to current accounts.

Insurance Operations:

  • Various types of insurance operations, excluding cooperative insurance.

Public Auction Stores:

  • Stores subject to public auction.

Hospitality and Entertainment Businesses:

  • Works related to hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, playgrounds, and amusement parks.

Utilities Distribution:

  • Water, electricity, and gas distribution works.

Media and Publishing:

  • Issuing newspapers and magazines for profit through the publication of advertisements, news, and articles.

Communication and Broadcasting:

  • Postal, telegraph, and telephone works, as well as radio and television works, recording and photography studios.

General Store and Mortgage Operations:

  • Operations of general stores and mortgages on the funds deposited therein.

Certainly, if you are an owner of any business falling within the categories mentioned, engaging the services of a commercial lawyer in Dubai, UAE, or Abu Dhabi is imperative for effective business management and legal compliance. Rak Advocates Law Firm offers the expertise of the best commercial lawyers in Dubai and the UAE, ensuring that your business receives the necessary legal counsel tailored to its specific needs.

The role of the best business lawyer in Dubai encompasses several key responsibilities:

  1. Drafting and Reviewing Contracts:

    • Crafting and reviewing commercial contracts, shareholder agreements, and asset purchase agreements to ensure legal clarity and protect the interests of the business.

  2. Mergers and Acquisitions:

    • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions, navigating the legal complexities involved in these transactions.

  3. Compliance Procedures:

Advising on and overseeing procedures to ensure compliance with legal requirements, safeguarding the business against legal risks.

Asset Transactions:

  • Managing the legal aspects of buying and selling assets, ensuring the smooth execution of these transactions.

Commercial Agency, Franchise, and Distribution:

  • Offering legal guidance on matters related to commercial agency, franchise agreements, and distribution contracts.

Joint Ventures:

  • Assisting in the formation and management of joint ventures, addressing legal considerations and ensuring the interests of all parties involved.

General Commercial Consulting:

  • Providing comprehensive commercial consulting services to address a wide range of legal matters pertinent to the business's operations and growth.

Engaging the services of a commercial lawyer ensures that your business is well-protected legally, and that you receive expert advice on navigating the intricate landscape of commercial law in Dubai and the UAE.

The commercial law in the UAE defines a set of qualities that a person who wants to work in the rade in the UAE must have, and among the most important of these qualities are:

1- Anyone who has completed twenty-one Gregorian years and has not been subject to a legal impediment shall be eligible to engage in trade.

2- However, a minor may – whether he is covered by guardianship or guardianship – work in trade when he has completed eighteen calendar years of age and the court has given him absolute or restricted permission to do so.

Can foreigners start their business in the UAE? Business Lawyer Dubai

1- It is not permissible for non-nationals to engage in trade there unless he has a partner or partners who are nationals of the State in accordance with the conditions and within the limits stipulated in the Commercial Companies Law.

2- Professionals may not engage in import and export business.

3- Non-nationals who are engaged in trade in the state at the time this law comes into force and who do not have partners from among the citizens must reconcile their situations in accordance with its provisions.

in general; If you are a foreigner and want to do business in the UAE, you need to hire a commercial lawyer in the UAE, in Dubai, or in Abu Dhabi, who will supervise all legal procedures for your business.

RAK ADVOCATES Lawyers and Legal Advisors provides you with the best business lawyer Dubai, the UAE, and Abu Dhabi, and you can contact us directly

The best business lawyer Dubai or in the UAE specialized in Business Law

Rak Advocates Lawyers and Legal Advisors offer a team of specialized lawyers in commercial and business law. Our legal professionals are dedicated to meticulously following up on procedures and providing comprehensive advice to companies on a wide range of matters. This includes guiding businesses through incorporation processes, managing dissolution procedures, and handling related paperwork. Moreover, our legal experts are adept at attending various types of meetings and facilitating the conclusion of legal deals.

Our services extend beyond these core functions to encompass thorough supervision of diverse legal procedures associated with the establishment or formation of companies. This includes expertise in corporate law, trademark registration, and the facilitation of trademark licensing processes. With a focus on ensuring legal compliance and protecting the interests of our clients, Rak Advocates is committed to delivering expert legal support in the dynamic and intricate field of commercial and business law.

We must first point out that the prices of lawyers in the UAE vary according to the nature of the legal case that the lawyer is assigned to, the procedures that the lawyer works on, and the businesses he supervises, in addition to what is required by the procedures of each case and the mechanism for its completion. The fees of a business lawyer Dubai also vary according to the background of the business lawyer Dubai, their specialization in the field of law, and accumulated experience and expertise during his practice of the legal profession.

Therefore, determining and approving the value of the fees of a business lawyer in Dubai is according to a set of different factors, which are related to the commercial procedures themselves on the one hand, and the specialization involved in the procedures and their ramifications on the other hand.

Nor can we overlook the time and effort it takes to work on a business, as well as the costs incurred in completing all transactions.

Are you looking for the best lawyer in the UAE who specialized in personal status cases?

Rak advocates Lawyers and Legal advisors work to solve all cases related to the family and children, as a different group of cases falls under the name of personal status cases, which in turn need a personal status lawyer. Among these issues we find:

  • Marriage issues

  • divorce

  • Alimony without divorce

  • inheritance

  • Legal Capacity and Jurisdiction

  • Issues related to property between spouses

  • Christian marriage contracts

In addition to business lawyer Dubai Rak advocates Lawyers provides a group of the most skilled lawyers specialized in labor and labor cases, as they have long experience in this type of cases. Among these types of cases, we mention, for example:

In addition to the various legal procedures related to the establishment or incorporation of companies and everything related to corporate law, trademark registration, and trademark licensing.

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